How to Kill a Toothache

Toothache can be such as drag on a person’s well being and it’s so misunderstood. You can have a severe toothache even though there is nothing really bad going on there (yet) and there is not much a dentist can do to help (they drill because that’s what they do for a living, not because your teeth necessarily need it). Also the reverse is true: a person can have rotten teeth with inflammation all over the place and not suffer enough pain to seek professional help as urgently as they may need it. You have to be smart about it. If you run off to a dentist’s office at the first sign of discomfort you risk having them drill in imaginary cavities or fill little cracks which your body might have easily fixed by itself.

Regardless of how you go about fixing it, think of pain and discomfort as an early warning signal that your body needs urgent attention.

There are three stages of dental pain in my view (it’s a simplification, but I found it helpful in classifying the urgency).

1. cause: demineralization close to the surface, some damage to the dentin

The first type of toothache, in my view, is caused by demineralization close to the surface of the tooth. You can’t eat or brush your teeth because any contact with the surface of the tooth will cause torturous pain. The best way I know how to kill that kind of toothache is take a high-potency magnesium supplement until the pain goes away (no kidding).
This is no medical advice. It is my experience and my conclusions, as they apply to my body.
I usually take about 200mg; the dose and its absorption will depend on the type of Magnesium you take. My favorite brands are DynoMins from Nature’s Plus and Magnesium Theonate by Life Extension. Take the magnesium supplement of your choice every few hours, preferably with meals. Slowly ramp up the dose until it causes diarrhea, at which point you know it’s too much (Magnesium is a diuretic). I keep my dose at the highest level I can comfortably tolerate. No calcium, though! Calcium will block the pathway needed to process the magnesium, so I never take any calcium supplements when experiencing toothaches! In addition to the magnesium I usually take zinc and the Vitamins D3 and K2, which work together to help rebuild the bone, as well as C, B, E and A, to reduce inflammation. All of that makes me feel better quickly, but magnesium is the one which does the trick with this type of pain for me.

2. Inflammation of the pulp

In case the dentin has been damaged so much that your inflammation began to spread in the pulp and reach the nerves, you are in big trouble. Your tooth becomes sensitive to heat or cold, cannot withstand pressure, your jaw may swell, and the inflammation is prone to spreading all over the body, causing potential problems elsewhere. This is where you must be real smart about who to trust.

Some dentists will try to convince you that you need a root canal this very minute or the world will come to an end. You need a root canal says who? The dentist who gets paid for performing it? Should you trust them? Do yourself a favor and get a second opinion. A really good dentist will go out of their way to keep your tooth alive (no root canal).
A root canal is a very bad idea most of the time and it should never be your first line of defense against an inflammation. Get a second opinion if you can. It will be less expensive than the damage a root canal procedure will do to your health long-term (I’m speaking from my own experience).

I know it sounds weird but don’t rush it. I’d rather take pain medication (being a health nut and all) to slow things down than let a dentist perform a root canal as an emergency procedure.

When you go to the dentist, take with you someone you trust such as your spouse or a friend. What are the chances you can fend for yourself in a dentists’ office while being full of pain and half conscious? Not good. I’ve been there, and I did loose a few teeth I shouldn’t have lost (a dead tooth is no longer a tooth, it is a petri dish for bacteria, viruses and fungi right there in your mouth, says not just me but doctors such as Dr. W. Price).

There are a few things you can do to up your chances of a good outcome.

To get back in shape, I follow this regimen:
- get plenty of sleep (and I mean plenty);
- brush my teeth with sea salt; if brushing causes too much pain, I rinse my teeth in it (it must be sea salt, not normal salt, because normal salt is full of added chemicals which ensure unintended consequences); your teeth will absorb some of the minerals in sea salt and use them for emergency repairs);
- I used to put some grains of salt directly into the tooth cavity and keep the salt there (sea salt will eradicate bacteria because bacteria cannot multiply in salt while your tooth doesn’t mind it);
- I used sodium bicarbonate on the aching tooth (sodium bicarbonate is baking soda; it is available everywhere but I would highly recommend a brand which does not come from a laboratory but from a mining source because of the risk of contamination; baking soda is very cheap and very effective; if used properly, and persistently, it will kill fungi including black mold);
- for gum infections, broken fillings and the like I have had very good outcomes by rinsing my teeth with tea tree oil (a few drops in half a glass of water)
- I never use toothpaste with fluoride and never use fluoridated water (it interferes with the re-mineralization of teeth),
- I take high-quality magnesium, also zinc, vitamin C, K2, D3, E, all B, A (but no calcium supplements!);
- no coffee, no sodas, no artificial sweeteners, no sugars (even fruits which are too sweet can be a problem if they have not enough antioxidants and just fill you up with sugars, so whatever you eat try to eat organic), no fake foods.

I used to eat like a caveman/cavewoman for weeks until my health stabilized and the pain subsided enough to not be of immediate concern. I have had enamel on broken teeth rebuild completely to a point where fillings were no longer needed.

Healing your tooth like that is not pleasant but doable (except if you suffer from a metabolic disorder or a deranged mineral transport as a result of heavy metal poisoning or something to that effect).

Oral health is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly. The inflammation from your mouth will spread all over your body and sooner or later it will result in other “unexplained” complications such as serious heart conditions, a miscarriage, varicose veins, obesity or loss of eyesight.

Depending on your overall health, the stress in your life and your lifestyle in general, not going to a dentist immediately with a major inflammation could kill you. I am certainly not recommending negligence or reckless experiments with anyone’s health. However, we all know that real life is full of surprises and compromises as well as workarounds can sometimes be unavoidable. Many times I could not get the help I needed and I had to resort to temporary workarounds in order to get through the day until I could visit a dentist I trusted.

Start asking around for a really good dentist who will not botch up the job but give you the best treatment money can buy (go to a mercury-free dentist). Trust, but verify.

3. Inflammation of gums and bone (with or without pain)

Unless you fix the smaller problems, you will inadvertently allow inflammation to spread, and possibly end up in poor health as I once had. With inflammation of your gums and bone (gingivitis, periodontosis and the like), you will have a major chronic condition on your hands and it will ruin your health long-term regardless of whether you feel much pain or not. Root canals and amalgams will get you there and no dentist is allowed to tell you the facts (but can you really blame them? they want to keep their license so they won’t step out of line).

If your problem is anywhere near stage 3. above, get braced for one of two outcomes: either you safely remove the amalgams, have the root canals extracted and then chelate using the Cutler protocol, or you will suffer from chronic, debilitating illnesses most people can’t even pronounce and no doctor knows how to heal.

I know what you are thinking. This stuff is expensive. Your insurance won’t pay for treatments they consider fancy or even remotely experimental. I know. The path to restoring one’s health is a mine field of temptations to find excuses why it can’t be done yet. BS.

Start with the things which cause an avalanche of other health problems, like malnutrition (fake foods) or sugar intake, or chemical poisoning (heavy metals, aspartame).

Don’t try to do all things at once. As you begin to feel better, you will encounter new opportunities to make money you haven’t had before. Thinks will fall into place. Problems which seem insurmountable will be resolved easier thank you think.

First, I changed my eating habits because this was the least expensive immediate remedy. Then I got on a regimen of high-potency supplements (not the supermarket variety, mind you!), and this way I slowly managed to get back on my feet enough to be able to embark on what needed to be done. I spaced the dental procedures over a period of time and did a lot of heavy thinking in between, ultimately succeeding in restoring my health while being technically broke and uninsured.

It turns out it is much easier to make money when you are healthy than when you are sick. Wait no more.

Don’t wait until you are rich (or young, or beautiful, or married, or blessed with free time, or for the kids to grow up, whatever the excuse). That time may never come until you reverse your priorities and put your health first.

Break the vicious circle now and things will begin to turn in your favor. That’s how it happened for me. Good luck.

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