Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Medicine Is Right Around The Corner

How many of us were taught to conform to the standards of society, to live by other people’s expectations. It takes a lot of determination and guts to get out of one’s own comfort zone, to try and do something controversial. But that’s how real progress is achieved.

Hat off to Susanne Somers for daring to disagree with the prevailing “wisdom” in health care.

On the 15th A4M Conference in Las Vegas, she only half-jokingly said in her keynote:

“You can choose fifty year old medicine, if that’s what you want, fine. You take all your pharmaceutical drugs and end up in a nursing home, or you can jump on this fast-moving train [of cutting-edge anti-aging medicine] (…) It’s not too late until you are in that nursing home. Then it’s too late. It’s a tragedy.”

She is blazing a trail for all of us and getting ridiculed in the process. But when her critics will be in a nursing home, she will most likely still keep going.

Listen to the keynote below.

This new type of health care, the new wave of cutting-edge anti-aging medicine is out there within your reach. It is not out of the ballpark, most people could easily fit it into their groceries budget if they wanted to. But it does take a will to try and it does take the determination to put yourself in the driver’s seat and find a good doctor who is not in Big Pharma’s pocket.

If you intend to take charge of your own destiny, you need to acquire some basic knowledge of your particular condition to be able to tell medical BS from a promising therapy. It does not take rocket science. One thing I’ve learned is that far too many medical professionals don’t take the time to stay on top of new developments. You must take the time. It’s your life, not theirs. For them, it’s only a job.

The “standard of care” can’t give you your health back. And once they can blame it on your age, they will. Don’t buy into these lame excuses. If you try hard enough you will find something which works for you.

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